having a bad day
having a bad day
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My sister lived in Asia for twenty years but now lives in Boston. My brother lives nearby me in the Los Angeles area. My sister and I were born in Chicago, my brother in Arkansas.

Education: BA in journalism from the University of Southern California.

First story I ever wrote: I wrote a story about a planet that was inhabited entirely by ducks that had just one leg apiece. I called this story The One-Legged Ducks. I thought it was brilliant. I sent the story to the Atlantic, which is a very hoity-toity magazine where they publish some of the best short stories in the country. This became my first rejection as a writer!

Background specific to Kira-Kira: Here’s something I shouldn’t admit, one absolutely true fact from the book is that even when I was a small girl I often ate five tacos in one meal. My record was six. My family was kind of impressed and kind of horrified. It made them wonder what would become of me when I grew up. Today I eat three tacos at a sitting.

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