Cynthia Kadohata

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I’ll be putting different stuff here. Right now, artwork from 12-year-old Alejandra based on Cracker: The Best Dog in Vietnam. Below that, Weedflower poster designs from sixth grader Max. Thank you, Max and Alejandra, for sharing your talent and creativity! Later this year: pictures of kids in Ohio inspired by Cracker to visit dogs in a shelter and read to them!

Hi Cynthia. My name is Fernando. I am contacting you because my 12 year old daughter (Alejandra) read your book, “Cracker,” over the summer and loved it! As an assignment for school,  he had to read and write a summary in comic strip form about the book. When I saw what she created I was so impressed, that I took a picture of it, and I started showing my family and friends. Everyone loved the illustrations, and one lady told me, “Those are really good illustrations — you should contact the author of the book and share them with her.  So that is why I am writing you. I would love to show you the illustrations my daughter created from your book. Would you like to see them? If you would please let me know how I can send them to you. Thanks.”

Panels about Cracker

“Hi Ms. Kadohata, I recently read Kira-Kira making it to my favorite books list. You became one of my favorite authors and I read a bunch of your other books like The Thing About Luck, A Million Shades of Gray, and Weedflower. I had a poster assignment for my sixth grade class in Albany, California, and I would love to share them. I would love to show them to you. Is it possible to have an email address to which I could send them? Please keep making great books and keep through quarantine.” (Max)

Weedflower, alternate cover 1
Weedflower, alternate cover 2